Technical Specification

  • Ideally suited to the meticulous demands of any steam system.
  • Corrosion resistant air vent & steam lock release system.
  • Self aligning main valve and water hammer proof.
  • No live steam loss because of self aligning and water seal.
  • Variable valve orifice mechanism for a complete immediate condensate
    removal at all positive pressure difference.
  • Integral air vent and SLR system for maximum air venting without any steam loss
  • Strong stainless steam constructed float , capable to bear any type of water hammering
  • Asbestos free graphite gasket.
SIZE (mm) End Connection
15 Scrw, SW & Flanged
20 Scrw, SW & Flanged
25 Scrw, SW & Flanged
40 Scrw, SW & Flanged
50 Scrw, SW & Flanged
  • Steam Separator drainage
  • Steam Unit Heater
  • Steam Main Drip
  • Air Handling Coil
  • Heat Exchanger
  • ISO 6552
  • ISO 6704
  • ISO 6948
  • ISO 7841
  • ISO 7842
Body design condition PN 16 PN 25 PN 40
Max. Allowable pressure 10barg @225˚C 17 barg @225˚C 28 barg @225˚C
Max. Allowable Temp 225˚C 425˚C 425˚C
Max. Operating pressure 10barg @225˚C 17barg @225˚C 28barg @225˚C
Max. Operating temp. 200˚C 400˚C 400˚C
Max. Differential Pressure 4.5 barg, 10barg &14 barg 4.5 barg, 10barg &14 barg 4.5 barg, 10barg &14 barg
Max. Hydraulic Body Testing 24 barg 37.5 barg 60 barg
Connections Scrw, SW & flanged ends Scrw, SW & flanged ends Scrw, SW & flanged ends

The Trap should be installed horizontally with flow direction as indicated on the valve . the trap should be below the drainage point of the equipment. Float always rises & falls vertically in horizontal plane. For correct working of trap, the arrow on the name plate should be indicating in vertically downwards direction.

Document No: UV-221