Group Companies

VTM-UTAM is one of India’s leading manufacturers of top-notch Industrial valves and flow meters to many leading industries and Core Sector Projects. Started way back in 1988, VTM-UTAM now manufactures an exhaustive range of Valves and Flow Metering products to serve a customer base of over 200 across industries and spread across both Indian International markets.


To build a revolutionary company having every steam using process industry as our buying customer by 2027.

Utam Synercon promote themselves as Thermal System Modelers. They specialize in the areas of steam, thermic fluid and other utilities.

Their Portfolio includes: Boiler Mounting and Controls, Steam Traps, Control Systems, Pipeline Accessories, Heat Recovery Solutions and Flow Meters. Their core strength lies in Steam & Condensate Engineering Solutions.

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Since its foundation in 2003, VTM has endeavoured to integrate State of the art manufacturing techniques, latest research and development tools and best human resources, to design and manufacture the most dependable Valves. Today VTM Is a specialised manufacturer of Ball, Balancing, Butterfly, Gate, Check Valves and Strainers, with particular strength in
Plumbing, HVAC, fire fighting and most severe applications like petrochemical processing and Oil and Gas services.

General Product Range

Ball, Balancing, Butterfly, Gate, Check Valves & Strainers.
Size Range – 1/4″ – 36″
Medium – Water, Oil, Steam & Gas
Pressure Rating – ANSI #150 – #800
PN 10/16/25/40
Materials -Ductile iron / Cast Steel / Cast Stainless Steel
/ Al-Bz/ Hastelloy and Duplex and many special alloys.


Customer Satisfaction has always been the epicentre of all activities at FEDREL. A dynamic corporate structure with around 100 skilled employees, an in house research and development laboratory and a highly responsive sales and service team makes our customers delighted. Today FEDREL offers a wide range of Mechanical, Electronic, intelligent and professional Flow Metering Solutions for measuring and transferring liquids, lubricants and fuels. These solutions are not only Robust and Dependable but also Easy to Use.

General Product Range

Mechanical, Turbine, oval Gear, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic,
Vortex Steam and BTU meters, etc.
Fuel transfer stations.
Size Range – 1/2″ to 24″
Medium – Water, Oil, Steam & Gas
Pressure Rating – ANSI #150
PN 10/16/25
Materials – Brass / Cast Iron / Carbon Steel / Aluminium
/ Stainless Steel.