Design, Foundry, Manufacturing, Testing and Calibration

At UTAM Synercon, our penchant for innovation is reflected in the efforts we put in to constantly develop new products and also explore effective ways to meet customer demands in terms of product reliability, longevity and lower energy bills.

To help foster innovation across all levels, we have invested heavily in:

  1. a) Deploying state-of-the-art design and simulation techniques such as specialized 3D modeling software along with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools.
  2. b) Employing skilled Design Engineers who can bring with themselves the right kind of expertise and mindset necessary for innovation.

With a view to maintain a strong grip over quality control and on-time delivery of our products, we at UTAM Synercon have installed Modern Induction Furnaces as well as Shell & Sand molding techniques. These installations have helped us produce castings of such premium quality that we have secured the prestigious PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification.

Helping the diligent workforce achieve the ultimate target of customer satisfaction are the latest CNC Machining Centers, Horizontal Boring Machines, specialized welding machines, spray paint and powder coating facilities and cranes for handling large sized products.

Globally accepted processes are established in our factories to ensure that the products conform to various international standards and customer requirements while being stringent on Health, Safety and Environment practices.

At UTAM Synercon, our physical testing and chemical analysis labs are outfitted with modern equipment to ensure that the metallurgical properties of all the raw materials are in strict compliance with the highest standards and codes.

Each and every product of brand UTAMSynercon is tested completely for its functionality before it is sent out to our customers. Pneumatic and hydrostatic testing is conducted on conventional and Programmable Logic Controlled test benches which have the capability to test the valves up to #2500 pressure rating. We have a specialized test bench for testing safety valves up to size 250 mm and 150 bar set pressure.

The instrumentation used on these test benches are calibrated by NABL accredited Test Laboratories. We have a strict calibration program to ensure that all these instruments are recalibrated regularly.

Each product is pressure tested in accordance with relevant codes and standards or customer requirements.