UTAM – Synercon, India’s leading Thermal System Modellers. We provide utilities in the process industries ranging from food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, textile, paper to tire and rubber industries. We specialize in the areas of steam, thermic fluid and other utilities and have delivered beyond customer expectations and will continue to do so.

Our approach at UTAM Synercon to client problems is multifold, we study the plant, address pain points and give data-backed recommendations and solutions that are tailormade to optimize your energy bills.

For moderately high fuel consuming organizations, we offer energy Audit services in which we establish, implement, maintain and improve the energy management system as per ISO 50001 standard. For Upcoming Greenfield & Brownfield projects, we would model Steam and condensate Systems which would deliver we ensure that you adhere to industry standards and have the right tools for operations. Our services help you keep your system maintenance free and adhere to the safety and environment regulations.

UTAMSynercon has a presence all across India, with offices in strategic locations of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Yamuna Nagar – Haryana, Jalandhar and Tamil Nadu. And are in the process of extending their reach as we go along…Our team comprises of Industry Experts with decades of specialized experience of steam solutions, our area representatives & service engineers are technically strong and adept in all areas necessary to serve you better.