Technical Specification

  • Automatic Shut Off Device in Water Arm.
  • Available for both, Right Hand and Left Hand.
  • Premium Quality Sleeve, Reinforced by metallic eye holes, is provided to avoid any clogging of passage.
  • Each piece is fitted with self-adjusting inverted taper plug (Stainless Steel) which forms a seal in the renewable molded asbestos sleeve.
Dimensions (in mm)
Size A B C D~
20 114.3 19 95 15.9
Standard Material Combination
S No Component Material Standard
1 Plug S.S AISI 410
2 Gasket Graphite ——–
3 Upper Arm C.S ASTM A216 Gr. WCB
4 Cone RUBBER ——–
5 Washer S.S AISI 410
Technical Data
Maximum Working Pressure 24.6 Kg/cm2
Maximum Working Temperature (TMO) 400°C
Hydraulic Test Pressure (Body) 36.9 Kg/cm2
End Details Flanged Ends to BS 10 Table -J